She could no longer remember how happiness felt like. Yet she just couldn’t close her eyes to the good old times when everything was seemingly “perfect”, flashing before her every now and then.

Her mind gushed with a volcano of thoughts, trashing her heart into pieces that pricked her from within. No matter how hard she tried, her mind refused to rest itself to sleep. Neither did she want to stay awake, letting her mind delve into thoughts that totally drained her out even before the day started. She was tired. Tired of being bogged down by her own past. Tired of being enslaved by monsters within her own mind.

One morning, she just decided to step out of the warm comfort of her room and set out on a journey amid the mountains. That was the morning when she stopped hunting for comfort. She instead started building a zone within her own self. A zone furnished with peace and happiness untouched by the winds of the outer world – a real treasure that could just be possessed by her and her alone.

To the world, it was the toughest journey that she set her foot on. Little did they know about the arduousness of the expeditions which her heart crawled through every single day, fighting courageously against all odds. Little did she know where these rugged roads would take her. She had no idea about what the destination looked like. She did not know if it was even worth all the pain. All she knew was she had to walk away from the hustle bustle within her mind.

Every single step forward pulled her back to the good old warm comfort-filled days. Sometimes, she was just tempted to quietly slip back into her blanket and sip destressing cups of Garam-a-garam Chai. It was tough. With every step forward, the path got steeper and steeper. With every passing moment, her breath got heavier and heavier. But she knew she has to walk ahead, away from all her cosy comforts.

All she had at that point of time was a tinge of faith. And with every step ahead, her faith became stronger. A faith that nothing could prevent her from climbing up to the peak which she truly deserved to reach. A faith that nothing in the world can destroy her and the zone which she sought to nurture for herself.

She was soon astounded to see the transformation which this small leap of faith brought about within her. Until this moment, she never realized that a simple leap of faith could drive her feet to surmount the dangling rocks of uncertainty like a maven.

The mountains stood tall, epitomizing the power of her courage. They stood before her as symbols of inspiration, pushing her to touch the pinnacle from where every single thing seemed like a grain of dust. Nothing could ever surpass her courage. Never did she realize that she could leave behind everything that put her mind to distress. Never did she imagine herself embracing silence with so much of grace. The silence of the valleys spoke to her like nobody ever did. And her heart now swayed to the winds of inner freedom like never before.


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