DAAG Acche Hain!

The day could not get stormier. My head was pounding as I lived through the toughest minute of the longest day of my life. It all seemed as if the whole universe set out on a mission to conspire against me. The time froze at 3:59PM. Never did I find myself in such despair to hide myself away from the crowd.  I just wanted to zone out into the wilderness-unaware of the calamitous chaos that hit my mind so hard. As such devastating thoughts raced within me, I aimlessly scrolled through my mobile phone browser. A very familiar TV commercial then caught my eyes – DAAG ACCHE HAIN!

Most of us must be familiar with this famous surf excel commercial. But very few would have actually thought over it and reflected it deep within.

Sometimes, it requires a superficial stain to expunge out the inner strain that possibly leaves a permanent scar in our personality. No problem in this world is actually meant to pull us down. A spring could not have been so successful in pushing us up into great heights of achievement without undergoing the stress of the initial pull down phase.

The clock struck 4. The final bell rang. And I set out of the room, as confidently as ever, shunning away every string that ever tried to diminish the vigour of my heartbeat.