The Invincible Flame

Like a scintillating butterfly, bubbling with an effervescence of life, she stepped into his world.  And that’s when the magic began. The gloomy winter night soon flourished into a radiant spring morning, painting monochrome with resplendent colours of joy. His small shell centered around his dreams soon burgeoned into a massive dream centered around her charisma.

He gazed deep into her bright alluring eyes, discerning the key to unseal the chamber that bore shimmering seeds which were yet to sprout out of the frozen ground.  Her face beamed with a myriad of overflowing emotions that could no longer be confined within. The air was clogged by gusts of silence. Before the silence could enrage into a threatening storm deep within, the irrepressible clouds gathered some vigour to battle out this distressing distance and bursted out showers of downpour that obliterated the fire that kept them apart. And somewhere along those dark narrow lanes, there kindled a fervent flame of innocent love. His heart flooded with words that were never spoken before. Her heart hearkened to melodies that were never played before. Together, their hearts traveled along the roads that were never unraveled before.

The wind soon changed its course, setting the perfect plot for the conspiracy of their fates. He knew he would never see her again. He held her tightly, “This is probably our last day together”, he said with a heavy heart, as tears rolled down his cheeks. She chuckled, “Forever is the only date in the calendar of our bond. As we part, we shall carry a piece of each other into every path we enter, for our hearts have already been intertwined in this game of fate.  The seeds of past will blossom into a flowery garden of future, nurtured by the pristine drops of priceless memories”, she said with a warm heart, as she nuzzled his cheeks with a soft and delicate kiss for the last time.

The signal turned green. The guard blew the whistle. The train gradually picked its pace and scurried towards the next station, leaving behind a part of him that could never be traced again. Nevertheless, the pace of his heart remained unstirred, beating to reminisce every corner of the castle of treasured memories which he had built with her.  He had not realized the intensity of her last words, until this moment. As he gazed back at the station, he smiled with pride, for in the battle of love and fate, the former stood invincible.