As I browse through my priceless childhood album, everything appears as fresh as yesterday. Yet when I look back at those memories today, each of those moments seems infinitely distant. When did life take such a huge leap? What caused the leap? Where did those pictures in the photographs fade away?

Amidst the breathtaking hilltops of JOY, there once blossomed a beautiful kingdom-the kingdom of HEART, which was guarded by the winds of FAITH and HONESTY. The sun never seemed to set in this golden land of BLISS. The air was scented with resplendent flowers blooming all over the lush green fields. The crystal clear waters of the lambent lakes reflected PURITY in the deepest sense. The luscious ambience diffused DIVINITY into the aura of the kingdom.

This small kingdom was harboured by LOVE, INNOCENCE and COMPASSION. All three of them strived hard to bring the best out of each other. With their bond strengthening with every passing day, they together set to construct the powerful PILLAR OF PEACE that manifested the strength and virtue of the bonds shared by the folks. With immense PRIDE and HONOUR, it stood unconquerable at the nucleus of the kingdom that brimmed full of LIFE, devoid of any artifice and trickery.

On hearing about this magnificence, GREED, a curious traveller from the neighbourhood, soon set his foot into this euphoric world. He received the heartiest welcome by the golden kingdom and became an important entity of this small world in no time. However, the trio soon found itself trapped in the maze of unrelenting DISTRESS. And this maze was set by none other than GREED, who had succeeded in diminishing the sheen of the PILLAR OF PEACE.  The air was soon polluted by the waves of JEALOUSY and INSECURITY.  The kingdom was now possessed by evil storms, endangering every entity that was ever rejoiced. The lakes were flooded by incessant rains of MATERIALISM and SUPERFICIALITY. The fate of the kingdom was hit by numerous famines and disasters.  As the time passed on, GREED and its fraternity grew stronger and stronger, attenuating every tinge of the divine aura that ever existed. This growing misery soon stole the show from LOVE, INNOCENCE and COMPASSION, who once ruled every heart that ever beat in this land. Their voices could no longer be heard. The throne of HEART was now controlled by a wicked malicious master- EGO, who destroyed the very foundation of the PILLAR OF PEACE. And this small warm kingdom, soon transformed into a massive cold empire of PURPOSES and EXCUSES.

You know you’ve grown up when growing up no longer remains a fascination. You know the child in you is dying when the 8-period timetable is replaced by long to-do-lists and endless schedules of nerve-racking monotony. You realize life used to be much simpler when wearing those so-called unfashionable and boring school uniforms back then seemed way better than the daily dilemma thrown by your closet. You know life has finally taken that leap when you realize getting 100/100 in those school exams was much easier that crossing the thirty-three threshold in the exam of life.

Today, I find myself lost in this unfortunate rat-race of illusions.
Has anyone found a way back into the kingdom of eternal peace?


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