It is one of those cold dry mornings that would readily incite one to hit the snooze button of the alarm clock and rest beneath the cozy comfortable blankets. But it is the same morning that this young man had been yearning, for over a decade now. The sun, along with a million rays of hope, makes its first glance, piercing through the fierce darkness of the prison. Alas! Freedom is on its way.

There he stood-at the pinnacle of his dreams, eager to clasp all that he wanted out of life.  He had just completed his graduation. He set out on a ten-day tour to the magnificent Kashmir Valley. His excitement knew no limits. With every sight of the stupendous Himalayas, his amazement achieved a greater height. He was completely captivated by the tranquil atmosphere that brought a rejuvenated spirit into his mind. However, this picture-perfect paradise soon sank into a sphere of monstrous atrocities. Never had he imagined that a single step on this great Himalayan land would tumble him down, all the way from the top of his mountain of dreams to the filth of extreme miseries. Never had he imagined that this enchantment would trap him into an endless maze of melancholia.

Engulfing every prey that came on their way, the ruthless militants knew no mercy. Their barbaric behaviour and remorseless thrashings impaired his body abysmally. Yet his soul remained untouched by the unrelenting savagery. Without uttering a word, he silently resisted it all. He had complete faith in the power of the Almighty. He believed that his good Karma would certainly pave way for his freedom. The ray of hope thus remained undiminished for ten years, until this morning, that finally emancipated him from this horrendous realm.

After combating these inhuman torments to the deadliest extent, for years, will he really be free from the scars of agony? How will the world look like to those eyes that have learnt only of darkness all along, trying to drain every excruciating memory out? Will this touch of freedom be strong enough to heal the skin that has been numbed by a decade-long saga of ruthless atrocities? Will his heart ever beat free of those terrible torments, that have left it shattered into pieces? Will his tongue ever be able to relish the true taste of freedom? Will his spirit ever be able to wake up free from those haunting nightmares of the past?


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