“What if today happens to be the last day of my life?”

“What if the world suddenly turns to a cul de sac?”

“How high would my EQ be by the end of this day?”

“What if my dreams were to remain as mere dreams?”

Ever woke up with such What-ifs running in your mind?

It had an existence even before our very own earth had come into being. It is the only ever-changing constant which the world has and will ever witness. Most of us would claim to possess it in abundance….No…I’m not talking about common sense…..This time, It’s TIME….

There once was a joyful happy-go-lucky chap, untouched by the horrendous storms of life. His playful sparkling eyes carried a ship full of innocent dreams. However, in the same ship sailed a very deadly traitor-PROCRASTINATION-a superficial pleasure that puts one under prodigious pressure.

A decade of years passed by at a blink of those eyes and he was now 25. Unaware of the Tsunami that was yet to strike, he still sailed on with his ‘Bestie’ – PROCRASTINATION, which had eventually destroyed the very navigator of his ship.

The sea soon witnessed a train of thunderstorms. The violent wild winds smothered the spark of joy in the eyes which once were filled with millions of ambitions. Before even he could open them, the monstrous Tsunami  had played its part. He was detected with the final stage of Leukemia. His world now came to a standstill. He never realized that he will have to pay such a heavy price for those huge priceless dreams.

However unfortunate his life might seem, he still is more fortunate when compared to us. He now is atleast certain about the biggest uncertainty that drives the whole of the universe. He has a fixed deadline in front of him, unlike most of us, who have set an infinite deadline, oblivious to the twists and turns that the Almighty has already chalked out.

His evanescent life had just brought back life into the impaired navigator of his ship. His lost dreams now found their way back, piloting the ship to the paradise he always wanted to be in. Though unfortunately, the ship was running short of the fuel that could drag the dazzling dreams to the island of RUTHLESS REALITY. As he gazed at the clock, by his bedside, the three relentless needles pierced into his wounds, deeper with every leap. He exactly knew what his life could have been. He now knew of all the matter that could have arched over the gap, leading him to the greener side. As he scanned through his timeline, he could only think of all those wasted-moments and bitter relationships. His ego had always outweighed his inner voice.

His heart now swarmed with regrets. The mental agony soon began to supersede the physical pain Once full of life, the ship now lay inert, consumed by the unrelenting waves.


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